Inclusive Recruitment Strategy Workshop

Our mission is to help organizations committed to diversity, equity and inclusion within their workplaces, build their recruitment process on practicable inclusivity.




Spend a day on an intensive session with one of our consultant, and find out what needs to be done in your inclusive recruitment strategy to attract, retain and engage diverse talents.

You will get inspiration and focus on a concrete action plan to start implementing your vision immediately, focusing on the outcome, long-term results, and impact of a session rather than a set of input.


Who Is This Program Right For?

This program will help you focus and get on the right track to gain clarity and meet your goals. if you are working in HR, head of people, Talent manager, head of talent acquisition, you need a recruitment process free from biases to attract the best talents out of a diverse talent pool. You want to attract the best candidates and improve your process but, you feel stuck, and don’t know where to start.


Apply to this program to make the first step towards your inclusive recruitment strategy into the following aspects of your recruitment process:

Hiring needs

Job posting/job description






Employer brand

How does this day look like?

You will spend a day with one of our consultant. We’ll start the time together by setting clear goals and vision, exploring your situation, look at what is important, explore existing options, and develop a concrete strategy and action plan for the next step. This investment is for 1 person and you can invite up to 4 of your colleague or/and team member who want to join.

This one-on-one workshop will give you an actual roadmap to get you started and take effective actions and meet your organization’s ultimate objective with follow up implementation calls. The program will help you take concrete actions to achieve your long-term goals, which justifies the investment


You will receive:

A welcome package with a personalized set-up to get you started.

▪One set-up call before starting the program.

▪A personal assessment questionnaire to understand your situation, challenges and help you formulate decisions.

▪A strategy workshop with one of our consultants to get into concrete actions

▪4 weekly 15-minutes follow up calls to help you keep the momentum

▪ 1-hour final evaluation to measure success and discuss next steps

Tailor-made preparation before the sessions and follow-up.

A written action plan report of everything we covered, including all of the resources and ideas we discuss.

Full access & availability - Use this partnership as a secret weapon, and we will support you whenever you need us

Follow-up support 6 weeks after our session.

A personal assistant to set you up and avoid administrative headaches.

▪Follow up with numerous videos, personal exercises, documents, forms, and templates.

▪Dedicated commitment to your success

Financial investment

Avoid missing the right talent with an efficient and inclusive recruitment process! Save your time and money while benefiting from personal guidance with our expert!

€ 4750 excluding VAT. This investment is for 1 person and you can invite up to 4 of your colleague or/and team member who want to join.

Please fill out the following form to schedule a free 15 minutes call to get you started, align your expectations and explain to you how things work.